Amina Horozic
Industrial Design

TID Watches June


TID Watches June


For the third year of TID Watches’ visual project Monthly Interpretations they have invited twelve creators to explore the months that pass before us. Each month a creator presents their exploration of time based on the month we’re facing, resulting in twelve unique stories through personal expressions, places and conformations.

My month was June, and this glass object was rooted in a simple poem, emphasizing the midpoint of the year, and that we always have the present moment to enjoy.

Half way,
Past, the future.
Future, the past. 
Through the present moment: Now.

Pillars of months past
rising into the unknown:
Unshaped future.

Six pillars for months past, formed and unchanging upon which yet undefined remainder of the year lays. The future is nebulous, and unknown. It may continue to build on the pillars, or it may change their trajectory all together. It may even destroy some of the past foundations. The piece emphasizes that even with existing past and unknown future, what we really have is now. This moment, to savor and enjoy.

June is on display at TID Watches showroom in Stockholm, and part of their permanent collection.

Principal Design and Photography: Amina Horozic
Glassblower: Ralph Kastl