Amina Horozic
Industrial Design

Aether Cone




Cone by Aether is the first music player that learns what you like to play, creating a personalized music experience based on your life and the world around you. It uses complex algorithms to understand when, where and how loudly you listen to play the perfect song for the moment-offering an untethered experience without an app or remote. Cone's voice control allows you to ask for a song, making it customizable yet approachable.

Its intuitive interface and shape, which is derived from the symbol of sound in its purest form, allude to how and why you use it without being an overtly technological piece. Cone makes music simple.

Principal Designer: Casper Asmussen
Designers: Amina Horozic, Chad Harber, Mika Nenonen
Awards: iF Gold, SxSW Interaction Innovation Award, Core77 Design Award, Inc. Best In Class: Audio/Visual