Amina Horozic
Industrial Design

Coca Cola + Surface



To mark the centenary of the classic Coca-Cola bottle, Surface Magazine invited 12 U.S.-based designers to reimagine the bottle for its 2015 June/July issue. The straightforward, yet open-ended brief was to create an object inspired from the original Coca-Cola bottle design that somehow dispenses the beverage. There is no avoiding the fact that Coca-Cola bottle is one of the most recognizable product forms in history. This concept celebrates the Coke brand with a design that preserves its near-immortal product silhouette.

The resulting vessel embraces the icon in a subtle way, respecting its heritage and transforming the ubiquitous into something precious. Thick walls of cast, green-tinted glass optically morph and distort the familiar inner form of a Coke bottle. The soft outer shape invites the hand and provides a material heft that elevates the act of pouring. A glass stopper topped by a red anodized aluminum cap protects its contents while allowing the vessel to be used again and again. 

Designer: Amina Horozic