Amina Horozic
Industrial Design

Øgaard Within

A month long Wellness Study installation at Øgaard, a gallery in Oakland, California. The theme was sparked by a desire to find ways we can grow, create, evolve and strengthen as we navigate life. The space was transformed with interest in moving in the direction of thinking of wellness and self care from an inclusive perspective, a view of wellness that encompasses ideas about the health of the body, the mind, the home, and work. 

Juxtapositions of complete and incomplete elements rested on the premise that all of our journeys towards self start from within. In parallel to the design of the space, Amina curated, hosted and moderated four panel discussions over the course of month of April that are in-line with the theme, with inspiring figures from the Bay Area such as Paul Discoe, Sarah Shourd, Christina Zamora and Rachel Khong. The final space was filled with products designed and made both locally and in Oaxaca, Mexico by women entrepreneurs, artists and designers.


Amina Horozic
Principal Designer

Daniel Dent

Tressa Watson
Art Direction





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