Industrial Design

Nike Foundation




Girl Effect and the Nike Foundation asked frog to explore the value of community for young women living in poverty-starting in three of the world's largest urban slums: the Kibera, Baba Dogo, and Eastlands districts of Nairobi, Kenya. 

We researched and developed "Explorer Training" sessions, a set of activities and take-home challenges with an aim to build communication and collaboration skills among the group. The challenges modeled simple forms of digital communication, such as threaded comments and news feeds, to see how the girls might use them in their local context. 

The girls' best ideas for creating connections were incorporated into a game: "Get Girls Talking." Co-designed and built in-context over a four-week period, the game modeled digital and in-person interactions among local girls groups to collectively aid a girl in need.

The prototype led to a second phase of design work with Girl Effect, Nike Foundation, and young women in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh to explore how these local girl groups can form a global network through limited mobile technologies.

This fieldwork in Africa and South-East Asia revealed a need for a universal framework that would empower communities of all shapes and sizes to find and design their own solutions to any problem, thereby inspiring the development frog's award winning Collective Action Toolkit. 

Creative Director: Denise Gershbein
Multidisciplinary Team: Minnie Bredouw, Urban Fabion, Amina Horozic, Dan Lieberman, Catherine Sun, David Sherwin
Awards: Bronze IDEA